Katonah, NY

Building a house even in the best of circumstances can be incredibly stressful. Now imagine having to work with an owner who had spent the last 7 years meticulously planning and researching the ground up design and development of a 1840s period house. Imagine further that the owner and his family lived 4 feet from the building site in a house to be torn down after the new house was finished, that the owner was a perfectionist know-it-all working on a tight budget and because the owner literally lived on the job site there was a high likelihood he would be breathing down the builders neck on a daily basis.

Westport, CT

This letter serves to recommend Matt Ready and Ready Construction as general contractors.

Matt managed a very large renovation project for our home in Westport, Connecticut. He was introduced to us by our architect, Jean Stoney, from Austin Patterson Disston in Southport. We knew Jean was very particular in her requirements and approach, so we expected Matt to be competitively priced, highly qualified and professional. I am pleased to say that he exceeded our expectations at every step.

Pound Ridge, NY

This letter will serve as a reference for Matthew Ready, who was the General Contractor for our home renovation and additions.

We are the owners of a 200 year old colonial home. It was critical to us that as we began to plan our 1250 square foot addition and renovation that we could:
a) find a contractor who had the skill set required to match period detail and an appreciation for older homes
b) find a contractor who would interface well with our architect, and be respectful

Westport, CT

We worked with Matt six years ago on the total renovation of a 1900 house, along with a significant new addition - often a tricky prospect. The project was a pleasure, and we love the result. Matt estimated a construction time of one year -- and it took one year. The project came in on budget, with the exception of a few changes we made along the way. Matt worked collaboratively with our architect, he was a great problem solver, and a real craftsman. And when you hire Matt, you get Matt - on site. And six years later, Matt still responds promptly to my calls, questions, and requests for help. Matt provides a very personal and eminently professional service, and I would not hesitate to hire him again.

Westport, CT

Why Matt Ready?

The saying goes..."The devil is in the details".
What sets Matt apart from all the competition are those nasty details that come up in every job. Unexpected problems that any homeowner would be overwhelmed by and that would leave most contractors scratching their heads in frustration, are just the next turn in the road as Matt polishes off another great job.

New Canaan, CT

We wish that someone had introduced us to Matt Ready and his team of experts 18 years ago when we first bought our 1935 fixer upper. My wife and I created a master plan to update and remodel our home and over the past 10 years have used 2 or 3 different construction companies before finding Matt Ready. Our experience with Matt has been wonderful and rewarding, he provided help in many ways from improving the drawings, suggesting subtle changes, and adding special details that made has made our last remodel project our favorite part of our home. We have one more project on the drawing board as part of our master plan and there is only one person that we will work with to complete it, Matt Ready.

New Canaan, CT

For over 2 ½ years, my family and I have had the pleasure of living in a home designed and built by Ready construction. Accordingly, I recommend Matt ready and ready construction highly, on paper, the home seems like the standard Fairfield County house: approximately 4500 sf with five bedrooms and 5 ½ baths. However, the design and layout truly set the home apart- imparting each room with a sense of elegance, warmth, and charm. There is a natural flow to the home and it is clear that a tremendous amount of thought went into the layout of each floor. From the mudroom to the formal living room, every square inch of the space is utilized efficiently and effectively.