Ready Construction, Inc. works with our partners in Connecticut, New York, and Rhode Island. We pride ourselves on a custom-tailored suite of services to best fit each individual partnership. The partnership process begins with a complimentary consultation. At that stage in the process our primary goal is to get to know our potential partner and start to develop an understanding of their overall vision, project goals, and expectations. After the consultation, RCI will put together a suggested plan of action, custom-fit, to achieve our partner’s goals.

Services We Specialize In:

Owners Rep / Advocate
RCI will represent the owners interests and provide comprehensive oversight and coordination of all project activities.
RCI will monitor:
  • The architect, designers, contractors, vendors etc.
  • Review proposals, estimates, etc.
  • Oversee payment releases.
  • Monitor the project schedule and overall budget.

  • Project Management
    RCI believes that an owner's rep. and project management are nearly synonymous. The key difference is in the amount of involvement and responsibility RCI would assume in the project. Regardless of the title, RCI’s core focus is a comprehensive scope of vision on behalf of the partner.
    Design Build
    RCI will handle the design and build process in its entirety. The goal is to have a collaborative and seamless process that meets and exceeds the owner’s goals.
    Fixed Cost
    RCI will provide a fixed price for a pre-specified scope of work.